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this is a follow up


This is a follow up to a previous post where I decided to turn a new leaf and work on self-love and empathic love towards others. So if you’ve read that previous post, here’s my check-in:

It’s working. I’ve made progress.


Tasks lists. Marking off tasks is the best way to gamify life. It becomes addictive to complete a goal. Mark off seven in one day! Fuck yes! Complete each task at maximum efficiency with no shortcuts. Cleaning? Every inch of the room will be reorganized and spotless. Gardening? I got fixated so hard on working Colby’s flowerbed I was trimming the bushes at night. And another thing. Have you ever seen Yes Man? Be a yes man. When you think of a fun or crazy idea like setting up an airsoft course at the property, just put it on the task list. That’ll make you compelled to do it. And you won’t regret it. Add tasks to your calendar and move them around until you have everything you’ve thought to do planned out and ready to go. Eventually life becomes fun, adventurous, risky, active, fucking euphoric. I’m more confident, I do more things standing up, I’m willing to drive further, I stand up straight. It’s the habit of doing everything, efficiently and quickly. Energetic productivity through whatever means possible. I’ve listened to Miracle by Caravan Place 137 times today according to Google Play.

Probably some of the best things that have ever happened to you in life, happened because you said yes to something. Otherwise things just sort of stay the same

Family, friends, and attitude

I feel so much more affection. Towards friends, family, pets, coworkers. We want to see each other laughing. I want to know all of them. I want to like everyone, I want a secret handshake with every one of you. I can’t help but wave at people in the hall at work. We went to McDonalds and after giving my order I nearly said “I love you” but I swiftly corrected to “bye”. So when I saw her a second later we had a good laugh.

I’m spending maybe a little less time with my family, but tremendously more quality time. I don’t go to as many of the family obligatory gatherings, but I’m spending more quality time with family. I think my new spontaneous confidence is helping me to do more meaningful things. Helping my grandpa with his yard again. Spending time to chat and visit. My dad and I went to the woods for some mountain biking this weekend. We hadn’t done anything like that together in a while.

I’m less cynical. I used to hate that the roommates locked the door while everyone was home. Meaningless when we’re all around the house, right? But now I find myself happily locking the door because I realize that’s what makes her feel safe. I don’t know why it was every an annoyance. But now it’s melted away. I see myself changing for the better.

The other stuff

There’s something astounding about these spiritual experiences I’ve been having. I’ve been mostly convinced that these are just misfirings in my brain or wishful thinking. But after seeing the benefits of these experiences, I’m convinced of their reality. The wisdom of our ancestors, memories of past lives, knowledge of the universe, is all in a stream, flowing against the back of our soul. But occasionally we catch a glimpse of it, and we see a truer form of the way things are, and get a taste of purpose. We are all one in the same. One God living different lives. So as Joe Rogan said, “Treat everyone as if they’re you living another life.” Because we really are. I’m hoping this mindset is what will be cultivated from my new leaf.

My name is Hunter and Iโ€™m just a cajun boy with a lot of respect and admiration for the natural world. I like to capture itโ€™s beauty in photos and preserve what I can so it can be celebrated in the home. I love animals, people, gaming, music, movies, hammocking, hiking, and photography.