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My sister and I have a thing where I get a photo of her doing the peace sign everywhere we go. We have hundreds of these photos stored up over the years, spanning across multiple states and...
As the Earth rotates along her axis, the stars appear to move across the sky. After capturing over an hour of light, that movement appears as the star trails you see here.
For this project I wanted to personify the primal elements of Mother Earth; wind, water, earth, and fire. Using a double exposure technique I learned from a lot of YouTubers, I was able to make this series of elementals.
I wanted to capture my first deep sky object and the Orion Constellation is a beautiful and easy target. The scale of this object is unimaginable. The entire span of our solar system would barely register as a pixel in this image.
The conditions were near perfect for astrophotography so I head out to my family's camp in a dark zone with some friends. We could see the Milky Way's outer arm with the naked eye.
The trek up to Clingman's dome was some of the most pleasant hiking I've ever experienced. It was about 68 degrees, overcast, and every now and then a very slight mist would past through. The scenery and hiking trails were beautiful and had new sites at every bend.
SAE stands for Society of Automotive Engineers. It's a Formula racing league for college level engineers and driver. The max cc is 710cc but 600cc engines are most common. [...]