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Located on the outskirts of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Comite Park Trail is a great place for intermediate mountain biking. Hiking is fun, but you may be stepping out of the way of bikers and swatting at horse flies. Definitely...
Ruby Falls is a 145 foot waterfall about 1,120 feet underground inside the caverns of Lookout Mountain. To see it, you need to spelunk deep into the Ruby Falls Cave in Chattanooga, Tennessee.
The trek up to Clingman's dome was some of the most pleasant hiking I've ever experienced. It was about 68 degrees, overcast, and every now and then a very slight mist would past through. The scenery and hiking trails were beautiful and had new sites at every bend.
I was walking through some brush where there's usually rabbits dashing out, and I noticed a little tiny rabbit face. I could tell it was a baby and couldn't really run away. I decided to ease up to him and pet him a bit before picking him up. Can you spot the little hopper?
Had a good amount of finds in February, and also started cleaning and organizing old finds. Here's some things about halfway through the cleaning process.     Sold one of these ram sheds at the February Artwalk. This one will be a nice...
Osprey I always love to find hawks and eagles and other birds of prey, so I was very excited when I found this pair of osprey.  These osprey or "river hawks" are birds of prey that prefer to nest near bodies...

praise the dead

        Praise the dead. Life's a yawn before the long nap.